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Why Us..

First impression is forever

Create the perfect look and feel for your label and make a remarkable lasting impression, first time


Great service is everything..

Our service to you is vital and we work hard to ensure that it is perfect every time



  • You will receive nothing more than clear and honest advice from us at all time. Jargon is not in our vocab

    Our customers are king

  • Whether you are a new “start-up” brand or an age old one, you are all welcome at Sj Lanka

    The basics are what matters

  • Great service, honest pricing, and respect – it’s that simple

    Shhh….don’t say anything!

  • We will always provide you with clear pricing so you can see exactly what you are paying for

    Creativity and Innovation

  • Developing new products is at the heart of the industry –treat us as your blank canvas to help realise your ideas

    Every step

  • From the very first conversation, your brand will have every possible care taken over it


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